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BODY DOLU Official Music Video

BODY DOLU Official Music Video

REAL STORY Based on a true story. Caught speeding by a police. Paid the fine and accepted the penalty points. But there was a discussion about it! It was not clear to the police how it comes that he speaks Czech, but at the same time he has an Austrian passport. And how he could be entered in the police system with hacks and acute, but not written like this in his passport. So they thought he was messing around with them. This inspired him to write this song and named it after this experience - POINTS DEDUCTED! TEAM Producer, composer, lyrics, bass player, sound mixing, camera, keyboard player, singer: Jiri Lamos Art director, singer, guitar: Kristian Cernik Singer: Sophia Lamos Drums: Martinek Feco Saxophone: Zuzana Lukasova Guitars: Odrej Kuchar Basson: Jakub Cech Mixing drums: Mikulas Jirout Camera: Vojtech Votypka Making of camera: Ondrej Kubicek Music video editing: Michal Lansky Film flap: Eva Cernikova Logo design: Adam Cernik Music video coloring: Marek Werner Dancers: Lenka Lazorkova, Natalie Petrova Masker: Marketa Hej Singer: Miroslav Plas Sound mastering: Jiri Paska Studio Biotech Sound mixing support: Michal Senbauer Sun Studio LYRICS CESKO ÖSTERREICH ODKUD TY TO VLAS TNE SES ALE TO UZ JE MI JEDNO RYCHLE JEZDIT NEBUDES. KDYZ JA MUSEL, TO JINAK NESLO. WHATS YOUR NAME, SAY, AND YOUR D.C. DRIVING LICENCE, PLEASE, AND YOUR PASSPORT. CESKO ÖSTERREICH ODKUD TY TO VLAS TNE SES ALE TO UZ JE MI JEDNO RYCHLE JEZDIT NEBUDES. BODY DOLU HELE - - - HELE - - - HELE! MAS V TOM - - - NAKEJ - - - BORDEL! ABYS - - - NEU - - - DELAL! JESTE - - - NAKEJ - - - PRUUUSER! SPELL YOUR NAME, PLEASE, HOOK AND COMMAS HACKY A CARKY JAK TY TO TEDA MAS ABY SIS NEMYSLEL ZE TU S NAMA VYJEBAS BODY DOLU


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As a child, there was nothing

I enjoyed more than going to cinema, etc. Growing up, I was lucky to study the cinematography for many years at best universities in touch to turn my passion into a successful career.


I worked on a variety of exciting projects  and met exciting people. I’m always looking for the next adventure, so if you have an idea and would like to collaborate with me, please get in touch.